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As you may know, we are an advanced links management platform (& QR Codes too). But our strength appears with our features (like rebranding, tracking, retargeting, routing, and more) and our URL-based solutions. Where we provide easy and useable solutions to help everyone share their content, market it online, or offline smartly. Visit our About Us page for more.

What is xAmber ambassador program

We consider our self a branding advocates, and we want to spread this message to everyone as much and possible, so we are looking for enthusiastic influencers and professional marketer to help us reach more people to share our passion with them. If you really care about your brand, measuring your campaigns KPIs, and the other solutions we provide at xAmber, fill the form below to apply and we will contact you directly if the review passes successfully.

What you will get from us?

  1. A free BUSINESS Plan subscription (worth $720 per year)
  2. A free premium branded domain name
  3. A free branded QR code design
  4. 20 vouchers for free domain names to share them with your network (worth $400)
  5. Extra 5% on all affiliate marketing commissions (we will apply for you automatically, don’t worry) Visit our Affiliate Program page for more.
  6. Official ambassador status for your LinkedIn profile
  7. Profile image frame for your Twitter profile
  8. Mentioning you on our website, blog, and thought leadership content series
  9. Meeting us at events, workshops, or meetups whenever possible (all expenses on us)
  10. A special gift box from us

What are we expecting from you?

  1. Recommending and suggesting our services to your network
  2. Tell us any feedback, comments or ideas you might have about our services and content
  3. Follow our main social accounts and engage with them
  4. Using our services in your social and communication channels


Is my ambassador membership permanent?
Sadly no, life changes and we have to adapt to it. We do a yearly major review to improve xAmber services; this is why we reassess all memberships status annually. Plus you are not bound by an official contract with us, which gives you the ability to leave our program at any time.
What is the cost of the ambassador membership?
It’s totally free. But we do a manual review for every applicant, to accept only the elite, and to keep our ambassadors list the top-notch in the MENA region and around the world.
How long is the eligibility review?
Typically it is a one-week process, but sometimes it takes us 2 weeks. So wait for our response to your application within 14 days maximum.
When could I activate my BUSINESS subscription?
After successfully finishing the review on your application and accepting you as our newest ambassador, we will contact you directly to congrats you and guide you with a personalized onboarding tour at our platform, plus we will send you details for your domain name vouchers, LinkedIn profile set up instructions, Twitter profile frame image, and everything else.
Will be there any compensation associated with the membership?
No monetary compensation is associated with the whole xAmber ambassadors’ program at all. It is literally a free relationship with benefits.

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